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Easter Underground

30 Mar - 28 Apr 2019

Kent's Cavern

Family fun for the Easter holidays! Saturday 30th March - Sunday 28th April

Go underground this Easter! Fun cave tours all day every day with lots of Easter activities to complete including the Dinosaur Quest - will you become a Dino expert!

Become an explorer and take part in our dinosaur quest and learn about these mighty beasts roaming around thousands of years ago! 

Find the dinosaur panels around our site and get up close to a life size cave dinosaur and have your picture taken to become a Dino Master. Celebrate life thousands of years ago by becoming one of the tribe and take part in your own Stone Age adventure!

Could you make your own Stone Age shelter to survive? Can you become part of our tribe by making your own tribal flag? There's loads of activities to take part in, included in the cave admission price.

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