20 Women Who Changed the World

2 Apr - 5 Jun

Torre Abbey

This bold, colourful, educational and historically inspired exhibition features the works of Nigerian born Doncaster artist, curator, and art advisor Chinwe Russell.  It gives an insight into the lives of some incredible women from around the world, whose work in different sectors have had a massive impact on the contemporary world and continue to do so.

The collection contains some well-known historical figures such as Marie Curie, Elizabeth I and Florence Nightingale, but most importantly, it also contains many lesser-known women whose works continue to shape our daily lives. These include Nwanyeruwa, Wangari Maathai, Stephanie Kwolek, Dr Marie Maynard Daly, Gerty Cori and many others. Interpretation will provide insight into the lives of these remarkable women.

Carefully selected from 100s of possible candidates, spanning from the 1500s to this century, this collection celebrates all that represents strength, courage, perseverance, and determination. This exhibition is a strong reminder of the incredible role that women play around the world.

Chinwe Russell

In addition to developing her own thriving art practice, Chinwe has brought her passion, energy, and creativity to bear on revitalising the visual arts sector in her adopted town of Doncaster.

 She has been a finalist at the Global Arts Awards, was selected for the Other Art Fair’s “Not 30% Project” and her work has been featured in a collection by Saatchi art online as well as exhibited at Shanghai International art fair.

Her work has been selected for exhibition at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in 2019 and 2021.

 Her vast experience in the sector helps her mentor her fellow artists, both emerging and established ones.  Not only that, Chinwe is the Founder and Chief executive of the D31 art gallery in Doncaster, a registered charity housed in a 3-story building where they exhibit the works of a vast number of artists from all over the world.

Chinwe also finds the time to focus on her own creativity. Her narrative artistic style has brought a string of accolades to her name. Often historical in nature, Chinwe’s work uses bold, bright colours to depict subjects evocative of deep reflection and emotions. Her na├»ve, intuitive style can be found both in public and private collections in the UK and abroad.

20 Women Who Changed the World is included in your entry price to Torre Abbey. We are open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am till 5pm (last entry 3.45pm). Our cafe is open seven days a week. 

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