Geopark Discovery Experience - Sunrise Sea Kayak Marine Wildlife and Cave Tour

31 May

English Riviera Geopark

Babbacombe gets the most beautiful sunrises with the sun rising out of the sea. We meet just before dawn to gear up and paddle out as the sun appears on the horizon and watch it light up the English Riviera. Paddling silently through the Geopark before the day breaks is an amazing experience and a great opportunity to meet our residential marine wildlife including our sea birds, seals and hopefully cetaceans. This opportunity for wildlife observation and exploring our secluded coves before the pleasure craft hits the water or the bucket and spade brigade hits the beaches is second to none. These tours are new for 2024 and are once a month and timed specifically for the sunrise.

Please view timings as they change each month.

31 May 2024   Friday    05:00  - 08:00

Beyonk | Sunrise Sea Kayak and Cave Tour


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