Geopark Discovery Experience - Coastal Adventure

26 Apr - 15 Oct

English Riviera Geopark - Oddicombe

26 Mar 2024 - 15 Oct 2024

Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00

 Thursday 10:30 - 12:00

Join an experienced, local, coastal guide in an extraordinary discovery of our geological past. Learn what a Geopark is, how it was created and how it is an ever-evolving canvas! Meet the pioneers that shape our coastline to the ecosystems and marine wildlife that live within!

Forage and taste wild marine vegetation and find our very special, protected fossils from the early Devonian era. Get up close and personal with our rocks and learn about the events that shaped our landscape!

We conclude the tour with a bush-craft experience and a gastronomes delight of toasted marshmallows slowly cooked over a beach fire. Along with a discussion on how a Geopark assists in the future of our coastlines in minimizing our impacts on the ecosystems within!


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